Spanish police baffled as they pull over two cars stuffed full of oranges

Police officers in Seville, Spain had a juicy problem on their hands, after pulling over £1,000 worth of oranges squeezed into the back seats of two cars.

Officers suspected something wasn't quite right when they saw the two cars driving very close together. When they tried to pull the cars over, they peeled away at high speed, forcing police to chase them down a dirt road.

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After a short chase, the officers searched the vehicles and were astonished to find them stuffed to the brim with the juicy fruit.

Rather than beating the suspects into a pulp, however, they were arrested, along with the driver of a van which was later stopped carrying another vast supply of oranges. Combined, the vehicles were transporting over four tonnes of citrus.

The suspects, who were all related, are accused of orange theft, as they did not have the required paperwork to carry such huge quantities of fruit. It's a known phenomenon in Spain, where crime surrounding oranges is linked to price spikes in the succulent citrus.

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