Woman who escaped Grenfell inferno while pregnant reveals she has given birth to "miracle" baby

A woman who was caught up in the Grenfell Tower fire at three months pregnant has revealed she gave birth to possibly the disaster's youngest survivor.

Maryam Adam and her husband, Abdulwahad, were asleep in their fourth floor flat when the blaze started, and were among the first to escape the burning building.

The couple lost their home and close friends in the inferno which killed 71 people last June.

But six months later Ms Adam gave birth to "miracle" baby boy Mohammed in November, she revealed to The Mirror.

She told the paper: "I was so worried I was going to have another miscarriage. We saw everything. I had many friends there.

"He is a miracle. When I first saw his face I was so, so happy. I think he is the youngest survivor. I will tell him when he is older - I will tell him to thank God that he's alive."

The expectant mother was woken up by her husband at around 1am, after a neighbour alerted them that a fire had broken out.

Once they managed to get out, Ms Adam said they witnessed flames engulf the tower in "less than 40 minutes".

The family were relocated to a Premier Inn, where they stayed until the end of September, when they were offered a temporary flat.

Ms Adam said the family is still awaiting a permanent home.