Montreal police bamboozled by a car sculpted out of snow

A Canadian artist had great fun fooling local police recently, after creating a remarkably realistic car from freshly fallen snow. Simon Laprise, an artist, mechanical engineer and car enthusiast, crafted the vehicle in a snow-removal zone, where it's illegal to park.

The work of art, which loosely resembles an iconic DeLorean, gained a finishing touch in the form of a real windscreen wiper, which Laprise found on the floor while crafting the project.

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The icing on the cake for the artist, however, was attracting the attention of the local police, clearly believing it to be an illegally parked vehicle. Far from being unamused, the cops pulled over to photograph the car, eventually leaving a note on the window that said "You made our night!"

Laprise told Buzzfeed that his computer even froze from all the messages he's been receiving following his post on social media. "I meant to trick the snow removal guys," he said. "I was not expecting a ticket/note, much less it going viral.

"I did the car to have fun expressing my creativity on that beautiful day."

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