Michigan tow truck driver narrowly escapes car crash

State police in Michigan have posted shocking dash cam footage capturing a car smashing into a tow truck – and narrowly avoiding crushing its operator. The incident took place on Interstate 96 during snowy and icy conditions, which could explain why the offending vehicle lost control and skidded at high speed into the towing outfit.

The tow truck is shown loading a broken-down vehicle onto its bed, as the operator – seen here in the high-visibility jacket – supervises. From a sliproad on the right, a large saloon car careers into view and slams into the stricken car, halfway through the loading procedure.

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The saloon's momentum carried it over and up on top of both vehicles, while the operator only narrowly avoided being caught in the collision.

Tweeting a video of the incident, Michigan State Police emphasised the importance of taking care in inclement weather and allowing emergency services plenty of room.

The force wrote: "We talk about slowing down in bad weather and giving us a lane. The trooper saw it coming and was trying to get another car to block the ramp. They never made it. Please give us a lane."

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