Turkmenistan has now banned women from driving cars

Just days after prohibiting citizens from owning or driving black cars, the president of Turkmenistan has implemented a ban on women driving.

According to reports from the country's news outlets, the president, Gerbanguly Berdymukhammedov, implanted the regulation after receiving accident statistics. When told that the majority of road accidents were caused by, or involved female drivers, the head of state 'resolved' the issue by banning them.

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Regardless of whether they have a license or not, women in the country were banned from driving in the middle of December. From January, police began seizing women's driving licenses and impounding their cars.

Some outlets believe that the ban could simply be an alternative to training new traffic police or tackling government corruption.

The move comes only a few months after Saudi Arabia, one of the last countries to ban female drivers, lifted the ban. The move was met with celebration by drivers and activists alike, and spawned a series of adverts marketing cars directly to women.

"I think our leadership understands our society is ready," said the Saudi ambassador to the US, back in September when the ban lifted.

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