Freezing rain causes chaos on Georgia interstate

Inclement weather in the American south has caused chaos on the highways. A spate of freezing rain in northern Alabama and north-west Georgia left ice on Interstate 75 – causing a mammoth 35-car pileup.

Fifteen people were injured in the incident, and the carriageway has been closed in order to investigate – with northbound lanes blocked off as far as 115 miles south of the incident.

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Another smaller crash on Interstate 75, involving four cars, left one person dead and another critically injured. The Hamilton County Sherriff's office also reported several minor wrecks caused by the ice.

Most of the area has been under a winter weather advisory since Monday, with snow and ice now moving northwest. The temperature has now risen above freezing, but schools in the district remain closed due to hazardous driving conditions.

With temperatures just below freezing and only light snow, the weather seems mild, especially to residents of more Northern regions. But America's southern states are less accustomed to the conditions, and official guidance is to wait until temperatures warm back up before travelling if at all possible.

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