Rescue workers carry starving baby elephant to its mum

Roshina Jowaheer

The heartwarming moment rescuers carried a starving baby elephant on their shoulders to reunite it with its worried mum was captured on camera.

It had fallen into a canal in the Ooty district of Tamil Nadu, India.

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The elephant was separated from its mother, leaving it disorientated and hungry. Rangers pulled it out and tried to push it towards the area of the forest where its mother was waiting - but it kept returning to the rescue party.

They had no choice but to carry the calf to its mother.

An onlooker told SWNS: "Forest officials were alerted after a female adult elephant was found near Mettupalayam forest department, attacking vehicles and civilians who were attempting to enter the area.

"Personnel burst crackers to scare the animal away, but it kept coming back.

"When they managed to push away the elephant to safe distance, they noticed that the calf was stuck.

"The forest department team safely pulled baby out of the trench. A member of the rescue team carried it on his should to return it to its mother."