Woman reunited with Christmas presents that tumbled out of car

Janet Cox presents

Cathy John/Facebook

It is highly likely that many folk out there are in need of a gentle reminder that the festive spirit is still very much alive and well.

Well, if you need proof, take a look at Janet Cox's story, as she was convinced that a bundle of Christmas presents were lost forever when they tumbled out of the back of a car she was travelling in thanks to a faulty boot latch.

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But in an upbeat twist, social media's hive-mind came together and reunited Ms Cox, 69, with her lost gifts.

Janet Cox's wrapped presents fell from the broken boot of the friends' car on Hayling Island, Hampshire, on 13 December.

According to the driver Robert Rudge, 67, from Stubbington, he noticed a warning light on the dashboard that suggested the boot was open.

He said his passengers were "staggered" when they realised the bag containing seven presents had slid out of the boot, which had a faulty catch.

Luckily, friendly festive motorist Kelly John was driving behind the car when she saw the bag containing the presents fall into the road. She stopped and picked up the goodies.

She then handed them over to her mother, Cathy, who embarked on a Facebook appeal, which was spotted by Ms Cox's neighbour.

The presents, including a gold necklace, were eventually reunited with Ms Cox, who told the BBC: "I was so pleased... just so excited, overwhelmed. We really believed they were lost, they were gone.

"Never anything like that happens to me. I lose something and it's just lost forever," she added.

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