People are saying Disney's Trump robot looks like Hillary Clinton

Walt Disney World recently offered a preview of its freshly refurbished Hall of Presidents and a first look at the new Donald Trump animatronic figure.

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But many have noted it's not Disney's best work. Others have gone a step further, suggesting the park repurposed the Hillary Clinton robot it already had waiting in the wings.

One person tweeted: "Hear me out on this. Clearly Disney had Hillary's robot ready to go and they had to try and make it look like Trump. Don't hate me. This is just a necessary and painful fact we all need to deal with."

Another insisted: "I'm like 90% sure they made a Clinton robot then got surprised Trump won and just put a Trump wig on the Clinton bot."

Other tweets that made compelling cases for the hasty switch theory included: "The Trump robot is Hillary Clinton. I can't not see it. I saw it before anyone else pointed it out. What is going on?"