What to do if you're confronted by an aggressive sea lion

Six months after a sea lion snatched a little girl off a dock, it's happened again.

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Three people have been attacked by aggressive sea lions at the same location.

One victim is 56-year-old Christian Einfeldt, who was swimming at the popular Aquatic Park Cove in San Francisco.

He says a 180kg sea lion bit him on the arm.

Christian was hospitalised last week and had two surgeries. He's also receiving shots just in case the sea lion has rabies.

The attacks are reminding many of the terrifying moment earlier this year when a sea lion came out of nowhere and dragged a little girl into the water.

Sea lions have sharp teeth and powerful, and are fast swimmers.

Dr Lauren Palmer, top veterinarian at the Marine Mammal Care Center in Los Angeles, says: "You're not going to outswim a sea lion. But I think people just need to be aware that they are wild and they're unpredictable."