Why a cruise without the kids is the top new travel trend

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There's a new cruise trend we love: couples enjoying a second honeymoon at sea now that the children are older.

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Dubbed Honeyboomers by Carnival Cruise Line, the couples with teenagers who are less reliant on them can enjoy exciting travel experiences on an adults-only cruise, ticking new destinations off their bucket list and having fun-filled getaways with quality alone time.

The cruise line surveyed 1,000 Australians with teenage kids and found that 76% said they missed "just having fun with their partner" and 82% felt their relationship would benefit from a holiday without their children.

Relationship expert John Aiken confirmed: "It is important for couples to have special moments and memories that are just between the two of them."

Are you a Honeyboomer? Tell us about your child-free cruise holiday below.

Ten of the best new cruise trends
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Ten of the best new cruise trends

The world of cruising is ever-changing and expanding, bringing incredible experiences at sea and the most exciting destinations for unforgettable holidays. As there's so much to see and do on a cruise holiday, you'll want to make sure you're keeping up with the latest trends along the way.

With the help of CruiseDeals.co.uk, we've rounded up the hottest new cruise trends every cruiser needs to know about, including immersive cruises, boomerang cruising and one of our favourites, sailing to private islands! Explore ten of the latest ways to take a cruise...

Round-trip cruises are always popular, however 'boomerang cruising' seems to be a growing trend within the industry. Essentially, it involves cruisers travelling to one destination and spending some time in port before booking a different cruise home – either days or weeks later. Try: CruiseDeals.co.uk's last-minute cruises for a cheap boomerang cruise.
2017 is the first year on record when the number of cruisers departing from UK ports is expected to top the one million mark, with more Brits opting for cruises where their starting port is within driving distance of home. Sailings from Southampton, Dover, Bristol, Newcastle and a number of Scottish ports are popular. Try: Cruises from Liverpool to Norway or the Indian Ocean with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, cruises from Southampton to the Mediterranean and Caribbean with Cunard and cruises from Newcastle to the Baltic with Thomson Cruises.
These cruises are usually led by expedition leaders or lecturers. They visit corners of the world that are otherwise difficult to reach or off the beaten track, including remote areas that are home to some pretty unique wildlife. The Galapagos Islands and Antarctica are ideal for expedition cruises. Try: CruisesDeals.co.uk latest offers on Galapagos, Amazon Rainforest, Antarctica and South America cruises.
Cruise agents are seeing more bookings for back-to-back trips, during which cruisers will drop anchor at one port and board another ship to continue their journey elsewhere. Perfect for travellers with plenty of time, you could book as many back-to-back cruisers as you like. One travel agent recently offered a year of consecutive cruises. Try: P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Carnival for back-to-back cruises.
More passengers are booking cruises to colder destinations like the Arctic and Scandinavia. The Mediterranean is still the most popular cruise destination overall for Brits, but the Arctic is creeping up in terms of growth. Travellers on Arctic cruises can experience magnificent sights such as the Northern Lights, bountiful wildlife and far-flung communities. Try: Hurtigruten, Crystal Cruises and Aurora Expeditions for Arctic cruises.

It’s becoming increasingly common for cruise lines to offer a cruise experience that fully immerses passengers in their destination. Typically, on-board dining and activities will cater specifically to the cruise destination, while leading lines are offering more immersive shore excursions, such as attending the Monaco Grand Prix or taking a wine-themed cruise. Try: Princess Cruises' New Zealand itineraries with Maori cultural experiences.

Foodie cruises are on the rise in a big way. There's an increase in the number of cruise ships that are employing celebrity or Michelin-star chefs on board, many of whom host culinary classes and cooking shows. Try: P&O Cruises' Food Heroes trips with the likes of James Martin and Marco Pierre White.

Cuba has been relatively untouched by cruising – until recently when American cruise ships began visiting the Caribbean island. Cuba is approving more and more sailings for 2017 and 2018, making it one of the hottest destinations for a cruise holiday. Norwegian Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Ponant and MSC Cruises all offer cruises to Cuba. Try: Oceania Cruises' Timeless Cuba holiday.

Cruise lines have started to incorporate wildlife into their itineraries in a big way. Popular wildlife cruises include voyages to the likes of Kenya, Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, with the likes of whales, polar bears and seals viewed in their natural habitat. Try: Hurtigruten's Spitsbergen cruises to see polar bears or Princess Cruises' Alaska itineraries.
Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean are just a few of the ocean liners to own private islands that are exclusively accessible by their ships. It’s a growing trend that continues to be popular with cruisers who are after a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Try: Zip lining on Labadee (pictured) with Royal Caribbean.

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