Why a cruise without the kids is the top new travel trend

couple walking on cruise ship deck
couple walking on cruise ship deck

There's a new cruise trend we love: couples enjoying a second honeymoon at sea now that the children are older.

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Dubbed Honeyboomers by Carnival Cruise Line, the couples with teenagers who are less reliant on them can enjoy exciting travel experiences on an adults-only cruise, ticking new destinations off their bucket list and having fun-filled getaways with quality alone time.

The cruise line surveyed 1,000 Australians with teenage kids and found that 76% said they missed "just having fun with their partner" and 82% felt their relationship would benefit from a holiday without their children.

Relationship expert John Aiken confirmed: "It is important for couples to have special moments and memories that are just between the two of them."

Are you a Honeyboomer? Tell us about your child-free cruise holiday below.