Landslide in Chile destroys village, killing at least five

A mudslide has torn through a village near the popular Corcovado National Park in southern Chile, leaving five people dead and at least 15 missing.

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The landslide which destroyed dozens of home in the remote village of Villa Santa Lucía on Saturday came after a night of torrential downpours.

Reuters reports that four Chileans and a male tourist whose name and nationality have not been released died in the mudslide.

President Michelle Bachelet declared a state of emergency in the area.

"I have ordered rescue workers to put all the resources necessary towards protecting the people of Villa Santa Lucia," said Ms Bachelet.

According to the BBC, part of the valley where the village is located was engulfed by mud from surrounding mountains.

Dozens of people were airlifted to the neighbouring town of Chaitén, while rescue teams continue to search for survivors.