Couple fined £50 for feeding ducks

Feeding bread to the moorhen and mallard ducks
Feeding bread to the moorhen and mallard ducks

A woman has been fined £50 by Derby City Council for feeding the ducks on the banks of the River Derwent.

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Sally Jones was with her partner David Goodwin when she was approached by two council officers for throwing bread to ducks.

She was told she was littering and handed a £50 penalty notice.

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph, Sally, 49, said: "We just started throwing bread about for the birds and after five to 10 minutes two women in uniform came up to us. Fear hit me a little bit because I thought that they were policewomen initially.

"The officers told us that we were littering and we were instructed to pay a fine. At this point I was in tears and I was shaking all over. Me and my partner went straight to the council and paid the fine."

Sally and David, 68, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, sometimes walk by the river to feed the ducks as David can't walk very far.

She said she has seen many people feeding ducks in the area but never heard of anyone being fined.

According to ITV News, Derby City Council said it will now cancel the fixed penalty notice handed to the couple.