Petrolheads show how to decorate a Christmas tree in style

For most, decorating a Christmas tree is a quiet procedure – but for one pair of car enthusiasts, it was a true spectacle.

That's because instead of putting lights on the tree like normal humans, they instead chose to do it from the window of a moving car.

The pair filmed the spectacle, which took place outside what appears to be a barn full of salt. Piloting a modified BMW, the driver performs a series of perfectly executed donuts around a large Christmas tree – while his passenger, leaning out of the window, strings lights onto it for a festive display.

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For extra points, we'd have liked to see some baubles added too – the resulting tree looks rather bare. This also isn't a practice we'd recommend at home, unless your lounge is the size of a ballroom and has suitably wipe-clean floors for all the tyre marks.

There's no denying though that this is a great display of festive spirit, encompassing true petrolhead values.

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