World's largest avocado may have just been found in Hawaii

A woman in Hawaii has found what is believed to be the largest avocado in the world.

Pamela Wand was out on a short morning stroll when she came across a massive avocado, according to West Hawaii Today.

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Not only was it the largest avocado she had ever seen, but it may be the largest one anyone has found.

The avocado weighed 2.37kg and is a variety called Daily 11, known for being huge.

But this was far heavier than even the biggest Daily 11s, so Wang submitted the measurements to the Guinness Book of Records.

She told West Hawaii Today the taste was "excellent".

Wang added: "We had ten people there and didn't even use up half of one half of the avocado."

A 2.38kg avocado can make up about 10.5 cups of guacamole.