The View singer admits abusive behaviour on flight

The View singer admits abusive behaviour on flight
The View singer admits abusive behaviour on flight

A singer has been fined £1,000 after admitting abusive behaviour on a Jet2 flight.

Kyle Falconer, front man for the band The View, reportedly squared up to a flight attendant and called him a 'poof' on a flight home from a holiday in Spain.

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According to The Times, Kyle became angry when he was unable to sit next to his fiancé, Laura Wylde, on the flight from Reus, near Barcelona, to Glasgow on 17 June 2016.

The singer sat in front of his partner and repeatedly spun round to talk to her, banging the woman next to him, spilling his drink on her and getting angry with her husband.

He then shouted and swore when asked to behave by cabin crew, before insulting the flight attendant.

A court this week heard how the musician's behaviour led the Jet2 flight to being diverted to France.

The musician admitted the air rage incident charge and has been banned for life from Jet2.

The whole incident has reportedly cost the singer £25,000. He was charged £14,000 for the cost of diverting the flight to Nantes, which included extra fuel and compensation to passengers who missed connecting flights.

Speaking to the BBC, defence solicitor Ian Houston said: "This whole event has cost him £25,000, money he doesn't have and will have to work hard to pay back [to friends and family].

"I can't say, and neither can he, what happened to the money he must have earned.

"He is deeply ashamed of this, especially the homophobic remark, given he has friends and relatives who are gay.

"He just wants to get on with the rest of his life."