The world's cutest animals are more adorable than you imagine

If you like to spend your coffee break looking at cute animals, you'll want to check out our compilation of the world's most adorable creatures, from the humble pangolin to the cutest octopus on the planet, the adorabilis.

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The dik-dik in the video above might just be the cutest animal you've never heard of. The tiny deer-like creature is native to Africa and is only around a foot tall. If its small size wasn't enough to melt your heart, the dik-dik adorably marks its territory with tears!

If cats, penguins and hippos are more your thing, you won't want to miss our roundup of cute animal pictures below.

While you'll want to cuddle each of these doe-eyed creatures, some of them aren't as cute as they look. The friendly-looking porcupinefish, for example, has venomous spines to use in defence. They are known to be curious when they meet scuba divers though...