Elderly driver rips off wheel clamp before driving off

You often hear stories of people finding hidden reserves of superhuman strength in times of pressure – and this footage would appear to capture just that. The video, taken on a street in Lisbon, Portugal, shows an elderly driver tearing a wheel clamp from his car before driving off, desperate to catch his flight.

The man's BMW X5 SUV was caught parked illegally by wardens in Lisbon, who told him he would need to wait for 45 minutes to get it removed. But faced with the prospect of missing his plane, the furious motorist took matters into his own hands.

Tugging on the clamp bore no fruit, so the driver got back behind the wheel and attempted to depart. But, realising that such a move would damage his car, he climbed out and began pulling on it once more.

Eventually, with a superhuman effort he manages to remove the clamp from the wheel of his car. Triumphant, he tosses it into the boot before giving passers-by a cheeky thumbs-up and driving off.

Don't be tempted to emulate the man's actions if you find yourself clamped in the UK, however. Though it's illegal to clamp vehicles on private land, traffic officers may clamp untaxed or unregistered vehicles. To remove a clamp is a civil offence and if it's damaged while you remove it, charges of criminal damage can be bought against you.

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