'Cutaway' footage shows Harry and Meghan laughing, joking and pulling faces

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looked every inch a relaxed and happy engaged couple as they shared jokes in footage released by the BBC.

At the end of the 20-minute interview by Mishal Husain released to broadcasters on Monday was six extra minutes of footage without any sound.

The couple, who had earlier announced their plan to marry, can be seen playfully laughing and joking, and chatting to figures off screen, including Radio 4 Today programme presenter Ms Husain.

Around 90 seconds of the footage runs on from after the interviewer closed the interview, conducted by the BBC and shared with other broadcasters.

The couple appear visibly more animated than during the formal interview, laughing at each other's jokes and pulling faces.

They also speak to people off screen, including Ms Husain, who is to their left, the viewers' right, and someone else off screen to their right, the viewers' left, suggesting they believe the camera is turned off.

Enjoying themselves in the interview. (BBC/PA)
Enjoying themselves in the interview. (BBC/PA)

Other shots include close-ups of both the 33-year-old prince and his American fiancee, 36, and other images of both of them together.

It is not clear whether these shots were taken before or after the interview.

Though they move around more, they remain sat with their hands clasped together throughout.

The BBC said the footage was for use as "cutaways" by broadcasters. This is a common practice where pictures on a story run on screen while a presenter or reporter talks.

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