Britain's 'perfect' car revealed

What's the ideal car for modern Britain? Your mind might immediately go to a forward-thinking electric car, or perhaps a perennial best-seller such as the Ford Fiesta. But online automotive marketplace WeBuyAnyCar has a rather different view, and has created what it believes is modern Britain's ideal vehicle.

WeBuyAnyCar polled 2,300 motorists on what makes their 'perfect' motor, and the results created a very interesting vehicle indeed. The resulting car, brought into reality via a rendering, is a Frankenstein-style mixture of sports car features and SUV practicality.

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Those polled preferred the high-riding body and visibility of an SUV, so Webuyanycar used the upcoming Lamborghini Urus as a base for its vehicle. The doors are lifted straight from an Audi R8 – with sporty styling, but a conventional opening rather than the more dramatic gullwing or scissor action of some supercars.

The car rides on Honda Civic Type R alloy wheels, and features the head and tail-lights of a BMW 6-Series. Finally, the most striking feature is the grille – lifted wholesale from the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which those polled said was their favourite.

The favourite colour chosen was blue – in stark contrast to the country's vast numbers of silver, white and black cars – and features alongside matte black trim. As for a badge, Brits felt the British luxury marque Bentley portrayed the correct image.

The study also found almost half of drivers thought a personalised registration plate would make their car perfect.

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