Bat bites off more banana than it can chew

Bat bites off more banana than it can chew
Bat bites off more banana than it can chew

When that phrase 'bitten off more than you can chew' becomes an actually reality... This fruit bat really found out the meaning when it tried to shove a whole banana in its mouth.

The little cutie, named Miss Alicia after the human that took her into the rescue centre, obviously loves her bananas with a passion.

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The black flying fox was hit by a vehicle driven by human Alicia, who popped her in a box and took her to the centre in Queensland, Australia.

According to the Metro, Denise Wade is the conservationist who is seen feeding her the banana.

Denise herself can't help getting the giggles as Miss Alicia bites off a huge chunk of the fruit that appears to completely fill her mouth leaving her a little stuck.

She laughs: "Look at those cheeks! My goodness! Chipmunk cheeks... She's been a bit cranky so it's good to see her enjoying her banana."

Thankfully, Miss Alicia did not have any broken bones and was released back to her colony after a little respite at the centre.

The black flying fox is native to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. It is not a threatened species.

In the wild, they eat pollen and nectar from native eucalyptus, lilypillies, paperbark, and turpentine trees.

When native foods are scarce, particularly during drought, the bats may take introduced or commercial fruits, such as mangos and apples and, if they could peel them we're sure they'd eat bananas too!