Lamborghini rally car making its mark in Holland

A Lamborghini Gallardo has been turned into a rally car by Dutch supercar experts Mugello Engineering.

The mid-engined V10 car is not an ordinary choice for a rally car by any stretch of the imagination, but its unique presence has made it a favourite at events across Europe.

The Gallardo, driven by Michel van Westing and Wim van Eyk, has also been the star of numerous popular YouTube videos as fans flock to the stages to catch a glimpse of the sonorous rallying supercar.

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It has been seen taking on all types of rallies, from tarmac events in the German countryside and the heart of Amsterdam, to off-road contests.

Supercars have been utilised in rallying before: Ferrari created a 308 rally car in the early 80s, and the modern day R-GT category has seen the creation of various rally specials based on the Porsche 911 GT3.

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