Lavish Ferrari 458 Spider wedding car seized by police

Alanis Morissette famously crooned: "It's like rain on your wedding day. It's a free ride when you've already paid," but the driver of this uninsured Ferrari 458 Spider has much bigger problems.

A tweet sent out by the Metropolitan Police Road & Transport Policing Command showed an image of the bright red Ferrari with the words "seized!" digitally emblazoned across its rear haunches.

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According to officers, the £130,000 car had been stopped on its way to a wedding for "poor driving standards" and it was subsequently "seized on suspicion of no insurance".

The tweet went on to explain: "Investigation revealed driver is disqualified in a £130,000 uninsured car".

This isn't the first (and probably won't be the last) time a Ferrari 458 has been the centre of police attention, as Birmingham businessman Zahid Khan had his white 458 crushed just days after ostentatiously parking it on the pavement outside a court he was summoned to last year.

In a move that neatly cements the theory of karma, the 30-year-old was later stopped and his car seized after officers suspected it was stolen.

West Midlands Police said checks revealed it was a Category B vehicle, meaning it was not roadworthy and the shell had to be destroyed. It was also uninsured.

There is know word from the Met Police about the fate of the red 458 Spider but many Twitter users have requested that it goes up for auction with a drastically reduced price tag.

Story by Leon Poultney

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