Jaw-dropping moment minibus drives on two wheels caught on camera

The video you are about to see isn't some previously unearthed footage from a Jason Bourne movie, nor is it a candid clip of The Stig rushing to get to a meeting with the chaps in China.

No, this video was captured by traffic cameras in a busy tunnel in China and shows the moment the driver of a minibus miraculously avoids a huge smash after tipping the vehicle onto two wheels.

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The black minibus appears to suddenly swerve left in order to avoid a white car in front, only to ricochet off another vehicle that is travelling in the outside lane.

Miraculously, the driver reacts but over-corrects the steering and the minibus travels along the road for a short time on two wheels, before settling back down on four, swerving once again and eventually coming to a stop.

It is unsure whether it was a piece of Paul Swift-esque precision stunt driving or the motorist just got really lucky.

Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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