Brand new lorry hit by dangerous van driver 

Shocking dash cam footage shows a new Mercedes lorry being struck by a van in Leeds.

The driver of the new vehicle was traveling along a main road in the city centre on his way back to the yard where he works when the incident happened.

As the footage shows, the lorry slows for a set of lights. As they go green, the driver remains in the left-hand lane as a Ford Transit truck goes past on the right.

As the Ford overtakes it cuts across the lane and hits the lorry.

Clearly angry by what has happened, the lorry driver begins blasting his horn and flashing his lights to get the other motorist's attention, as he appears to drive off.

Speaking to HGV Dash Cam, which uploaded the footage, the driver of the lorry Darren Demarco said: "This happened to me last week in my brand new 67 plate Mercedes – only four weeks old.

"Two minutes from the yard in Leeds coming from London and this idiot cuts straight across me and takes my driver-side front end off. Was not pleased and as you can see if the lights hadn't been red he wouldn't have stopped as I had to go get him."

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