Watch baby swan block lane of dual carriageway

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a swan blocked a lane of a dual carriageway.

At the start of the video a Mercedes can be seen driving towards a roundabout before a cygnet starts flying very near to the road. Just on the entrance to the roundabout, it decides to land on the road, causing traffic to come to a halt.

The large bird then sits on the road, preventing cars from moving. The driver of the Mercedes then gets out of his vehicle and lightly kicks the swan to get it to stand up. He then starts to chase the swan as it disappears out of shot.

It is not yet known whereabouts in the UK this bizarre encounter happened.

There have been several other incidents where large birds have brought busy roads to a standstill. At the end of October, a section of the A46 near Lincoln was closed due to a swan being on the carriageway.

We do not recommend confronting any swans or geese like the person in this video, as they are known for being vicious birds.
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