Five best Christmas crackers

red christmas cracker with...

Make your Christmas lunch go with a bang! Here are five festive crackers that are sure to surprise and delight your guests this year...

1. John Lewis Folklore Cranberry Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers, Pack of 6, £7.00

There are lots of luxury Christmas crackers on the market, containing everything from posh hand creams to children's toys, but what if you have lots of different people to cater for? Buy a pack of crackers that you can personalise, and you can please everyone. Inside each one is a hat and motto, with space to insert your own thoughtful gift.

2. M&S, Arctic Animal Christmas Crackers, Pack of 12, £15.00

These beautifully illustrated crackers feature two snowy scenes – polar bears in a forest, and a group of woodland animals. Finished with red ribbons and sparkles, each cracker contains a gift, hat, joke and charade. The quality makes them good value for money, and they're even better if you get in them in the 3-for-2 gift deal.

3. Baylis & Harding Midnight Rose, 4 cracker set, £12.00

Baylis & Harding are famed for their gorgeous hand soaps and lotions, and you can now treat your guests to their latest fragrance. Each cracker contains either a 30ml Body Lotion or 30ml Body Wash in Baylis and Harding's new Midnight Rose.

4. HandBell Musical Christmas Crackers, pack of 8, £29.99

Liven up Christmas lunch with these delightful musical crackers. Each HandBell Musical Christmas Cracker contains a handbell tuned to a different note. Simply nominate a conductor, hand them the baton and music sheet and pass round the numbered badges, then let the conductor guide the 'musicians'. There are 21 tunes to play, and each cracker also comes with a hat and a joke.

5. Ridley's magic tricks crackers, set of 6, £32.00

Ridley's magic tricks crackers are a great way to add a touch of wonder to the festive season. Appealing to kids and big kids alike, the set contains six different magic tricks: the magic cup, cut the rope, three balls return, magic cards, exploding dice trick, and dice trick.

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