Lib Dems must give radical solutions to 21st century problems, says Jo Swinson


Liberal Democrats must challenge the "populist blame game" by providing radical solutions to the problems 21st century Britain is facing, the party's deputy leader said.

Jo Swinson claimed subsequent referendums on Scottish independence and European Union membership had left the UK divided, with public "resentment" towards a political system that "feels broken"

But she insisted there is "an appetite for change" and that her party could provide the "radical liberal solutions to the many future challenges hurtling down the tracks at us".

How the UK's age structure is projected to change
How the UK's age structure is projected to change

With an ageing population and increasing numbers of jobs at threat from the improving technology and automation, the Liberal Democrat deputy leader said the Government should have already started planning for the future.

But she hit out at Theresa May's administration, saying: "The Conservative Government limps from one crisis to the next, running away from votes in Parliament, ministers clinging on courtesy of a weak Prime Minister."

She claimed the Tory Government "isn't doing enough to prepare for next month, let along the next decade".

Ms Swinson, who recaptured the East Dunbartonshire seat she had previously held from the SNP in June's general election, continued: "It's just Brexit at all costs, whatever the cost - and we know the cost will be huge.

Thrilled to have been elected to serve as MP for East Dunbartonshire once more. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

-- Jo Swinson (@joswinson) June 9, 2017

"There is no room for anything else. They are so obsessed with the constitutional question they have taken their eye off the ball."

Speaking at the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference in Dunfermline, Fife, she argued that the Government had "doubled down on a hard Brexit instead of trying to bring the country together".

To counter this she said her party "must seek positive, radical, 21st century, liberal solutions", adding that "this is not a time for incremental change".

With up to 10 million jobs at threat because of automation in the next 15 years, Ms Swinson said: "The march of the robots into our workplaces means we need to rethink jobs.

"Machines still have limits, and will continue to do so. They cannot empathise or accurately mimic the full complexity of human interaction, and there are few signs they will be able to do so in the near future.

"Increasingly, this will be what separates us from them. Our very humanity will be more precious than ever.

"Our ageing population requires a growing care sector. Care work should no longer be dismissed as low paid and unskilled. Instead we need a care revolution to place caregiving where it belongs: as a vital and hugely valued part of our society, with well-paid staff recognised for the significant skills they bring."

She also called for more investment in renewable energy, a quicker phasing out of traditional petrol and diesel cars - something the UK Government wants to achieve by 2040 - and greater use of technology in the NHS.

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