Are koalas becoming extinct?

One of the world's cutest tree marsupials may be in trouble. As it turns out Australia's koala populations are declining fast.

Experts say if something isn't done now, we could kiss these furry bears goodbye by 2040.

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Spokesperson for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife explained to HuffPost Australia that koala populations are down from 100,000 to just 40,000 since 2012.

Recent habitat loss and development of certain areas has fragmented koala bear populations and when the marsupials have to leave their trees to cross roads or yards, they become vulnerable to predators and other dangers.

Diseases like chlamydia, which affect a koala's reproductive system and vision are also hurting their populations at alarming rates. Climate change and forest fires aren't helping either.

So what can be done to save these adorable beasts?

Locals are urged to leave out water for the animals and do what they can to help koalas get from yard to yard.