Rally driver narrowly avoids dog thanks to spectacular handbrake turn

A driver in the Portuguese Constalica Rallye Vouzela managed to save the life of a stray dog by performing a spectacular slide. The unnamed rally driver was clearly travelling at quite a speed when he spotted the unfortunate mutt in the middle of the road.

Faced with a split-second decision, the driver pulled the handbrake on his Ford Fiesta rally car and executed an enormous drift, coming to a halt inches from the poor pooch and giving it a chance to run away.

It's not the first time dogs and drivers have mixed in the rallying world. An earlier clip from a rally in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, went viral after a hapless hound wandered into the path of an oncoming Mitsubishi Evo.

Luckily for that careless canine, a bump in the road launched the car up and over its head, saving it from a terrible fate.

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