Oblivious driver seems not to notice they're missing a front wheel

You might be able to drive along without noticing you're missing a headlight bulb, or perhaps a radio aerial – but you'd imagine that a front wheel is a fairly large omission not to notice. That didn't stop one driver, however, who's been caught on camera driving his Jeep tricycle-style – with just three wheels left attached to the car.

Of course, we doubt the driver was unaware of this – it's pretty much impossible not to notice the crazy angle the car is left leaning at, not to mention the horrific scraping sound of brake rotor on tarmac. The flying sparks are a good indicator, too.

The men in the car filming appear to be in disbelief, proclaiming "Are you serious?" out of the window to the Jeep driver. However, he did not appear to be in the mood to talk, and rather than slowing down and stopping, actually accelerated away from the camera car.

It's not known whether any action was taken against the Jeep driver. We do hope he found time to swap on the tailgate-mounted spare wheel further down the road, though.

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