Vintage dashcam video captures the streets of San Francisco in 1906

Dashcam footage might seem a modern invention, but far from it – it's been around nearly as long as the motorcar, as this 1906 video shows.

It was shot on the streets of San Francisco from the perspective of a tram driver, and gives real insight into street traffic at the turn of the century.

With a chaotic mixture of vehicles on the road including trams, horse-drawn carts, pedestrians (seemingly with a death wish) and some of the very first motorcars it's certainly a sight to see.

It's a scene totally alien from the well-ordered streets of today, where lane markings and pedestrian crossings are king.

In an age where vehicle safety was basically unheard of, the footage is a fascinating look into life in the past, and certainly makes you appreciate modern vehicles, packed as they are with airbags, seatbelts, driver assistance technology – and windscreens!

The footage was shared on YouTube and purports to be filmed along Market Street in San Francisco.

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