19 strange facts about air travel

Ruth Doherty
19 strange facts about air travel
19 strange facts about air travel

When we're jetting off on holiday we often get on the plane, order a bottle of wine, turn on a movie and then promptly fall asleep.

But have you ever sat and asked yourself questions about the plane itself? The best place to sit? Why the lights actually have to be dimmed for take-off? Or perhaps you'd like to know the safest airline in the world? Or the biggest cause of inflight fighting?

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Some people love tucking into their inflight meal, but many passengers are not overly keen. And it may not be the food's fault after all! Air travel can actually dull our sense of taste by around 30 per cent, making that chicken and rice seem even more boring.

One sensation flying actually heightens though is sexual arousal. Yep. Check out the gallery below to find out why! And discover 18 other strange travel facts you never knew...