Would you pay £60k to stay in this hotel?

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One of the most expensive hotels on earth is probably not where you might think it would be.

White Desert Antarctica is the one and only luxury resort on the world's southernmost continent offering vacationers a glimpse of life on the South Pole.

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You won't find sandy beaches or palm trees at this $80,000 a week hotel, but as one of the proprietors of White Desert Antarctica, Robyn Woodhead, told CNBC, you will find "... pure white as far as the eye can see."

After landing on a tarmac of blue-ice, a six wheeled truck transports visitors to the Whichaway Camp.

Though it doesn't look like much from the outside, guests here will be treated to every amenity, including cosy rooms, fur covered chairs and champagne.

If $80,000 for the week is too steep for your wallet, White Desert Antarctica also offers a day trip option for a mere ten grand. But before you scoff too hard, this shorter stay in Antarctica comes complete with private round-trip airfare from Cape Town.