Weirdest ever airline routes

Roshina Jowaheer
Passengers, scientists, government offic
Passengers, scientists, government offic

The aviation industry has many curiosities, including little-known lifesaving aircraft features and strange airline rules, but when it comes to the most unusual flight routes, things get really bizarre.

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We've picked some of the world's oddest air routes that you won't believe exist. Here are some of the weirdest...

Hobart, Australia to Wilkins Runway, Antarctica

Primarily used for flying scientists and government officials to the remote White Continent, Skytraders' Tasmania to Antarctica route travels from Hobart to the icy Wilkins Runway. The special Airbus A319s feature a retractable ski system to land on the ice runway and the massive fuel tanks ensure the planes can turn back if bad weather in Antarctica stops them from landing. Since the opening of Wilkins Runway in 2008, no more than ten flights per Antarctic summer have been achieved compared to the 20 to 30 which are planned. This is mostly due to warmer conditions melting the runway.

Las Vegas to Area 51, US

As mysterious as Area 51 itself, the highly-classified fleet of passenger jets known as Janet feature no logos and ferry military and contractor employees from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to America's most secret military base. It's impossible to buy tickets for the flights and it's believed that the name 'Janet' stands for 'Just Another Non-Existent Terminal'. Little is known about the airline as it's so secretive, though its flight attendants have to undergo a Single Scope Background Investigation to obtain Top Secret security clearance.


Westray to Papa Westray, Scotland

Scottish airline Loganair operates a flight which lasts just 47 seconds in the Orkney Islands and is the Guinness Book of Records holder for the world's shortest flight. The flight between Westray and Papa Westray lasts less than a minute if the wind is blowing in the right direction and covers just 2.7km - that flight time even includes the plane taxiing. The flights are used to take teachers and pupils to school, as well as transporting food and post to the locals.

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