Community rescue van stuck in harbour is rescued by locals

A bystander has captured on video the moment a van was saved from rising tides in Cornwall by helpful locals.

The van, a Ford Transit Connect, found itself stranded at the end of a slipway as the tide rose to the point of submerging the rear bumpers.

The community sprung into action, towing the van to safety with the help of a Mercedes SUV, as well as plenty of helping hands that made sure the Mercedes didn't slide back down the slipway itself.

Once freed, the van began to expel water, and had to be held steady so it didn't roll backwards into the sea.

The owner of the van opened the drivers' side door to free water from the interior; it promptly gushed out, soaking his shoes in the process.

The vehicle was ultimately pushed back to safety, with further help from bystanders.

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