Driver captures dangerous overtake on dashcam

A driving instructor from Suffolk has hit out at police after a piece of driving caught on dashcam was described as "not dangerous". Gerry Harrington, 56, sent the film to police showing what he believed to be a very risky overtake – and was shocked at Norfolk and Suffolk's road policing unit's response.

The footage shows a distinctive yellow Nissan Juke overtaking the camera car on a blind bend, very narrowly missing a car coming in the other direction. Harrington said: "That ranks 10 out of 10 dangerous – to overtake before a blind bend, the man is basically playing the lottery."

However police wrote back to Mr Harrington, saying that the driver of the Nissan "did not present a danger to anyone". The reply noted that the Nissan was "committed to the manoeuvre" at the point that oncoming traffic became visible.

Harrington is furious at the response. "It's a waste of time – if that's not dangerous driving there's nothing else I can give.

"I think it's just lip-service that 'we are seen to be doing something' but they are not."

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