Hapless bridegroom has Lamborghini supercar seized by police

A Yorkshire couple were left with a hefty bill and a ruined wedding day after the bridegroom had his Lamborghini supercar seized by police. The vehicle, which was strewn with ribbons to mark the special occasion, was impounded by police in Bingley, West Yorkshire after having been found travelling with no insurance.

West Yorkshire's Road Policing Unit uploaded a photo of the car to Twitter, with the caption "Happy wedding day, can I have the keys please the officer said to the groom! Seized for no insurance in Bingley. Driver reported."

The car in question was a white Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, which is capable of reaching speeds of 201mph courtesy of its 5.2-litre V10 engine. It was hired from CitySupercars London, which has hit back at the police on Twitter. It said: "Just to clarify, that is our Lamborghini and it is insured correctly for hire as all our cars are."

In further tweets, the company continued to disparage the police. It claimed: "Last time our Lamborghini was unlawfully seized the 2 officers got into serious trouble – we caught them joyriding at double speed limit".

The police have not yet responded to these allegations.

That didn't stop others on Twitter poking fun at the unfortunate driver, however. "Uninsured drivers don't deserve a happy day," said one, while another simply commented "HA HAHAHA HA."
Not everyone was so happy though, with another commenter saying "Great work lads just spoiled the happiest day in someone's life good on you boys."

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