A nail file may help with driving visibility this winter, says expert

Vehicles driving down Dumbarton Road in Stirling during a snow blizzard, as a cold weather front is to sweep in with temperatures expected to drop as much as 10C to below zero overnight into Thursday.

With winter fast approaching, a nail file probably wasn't the first thing you had in mind on your driving essentials list, but it should be according to one expert.

Mechanic and author Patrice Banks says a nail file could be the way to ensure you have the best visibility possible while driving in the rain and snow this winter.

Many windscreen wipers can get worn down or have a layer of dirt on top of them, meaning they do not clean the windscreen as effectively as it should do.

Banks says that wiper blades can be restored by wiping down the blade a few times with a nail file.

Banks said: "It will give the wiper a second life and can help you to see better in the rain or snow."

While this handy trick does work, common sense should prevail and the trick can only keep the wiper blades going for so long. If they begin to peel off, they need changing.

Banks also recommends that you keep an extra taillight and headlight in your car, as well as a tyre pressure gauge and small torch in your glovebox, too.
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