Council spends £21k on bizarre crossing that confuses drivers

Town hall chiefs have been accused of wasting more than £21,000 of taxpayers' cash on bizarre cartoon-style road markings - which drivers say could trigger "migraines".

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Coventry City Council installed the jagged patterns in a bid to "encourage drivers and pedestrians to be aware of each other".

The so-called flash crossing was painted outside the city's railway station last week and council bosses say it will create a "memorable impression" for visitors.

But it's left both pedestrians and motorists with confusion as it doesn't state who has right of way.

Coventry resident Dave James told the Coventry Telegraph: "Oh god No! I'm from Coventry! I don't like things like art and culture and colour! I want everything to be grey, concrete and look like something out of the Soviet Union!"

Meanwhile Sarah Kinghorn told the newspaper: "No one thought about people with conditions that could be seriously affected by this "piece of art", Ménière's disease, autism, dementia, dyslexia, migraines all could find walking across this hazardous to their health."

A Coventry City Council spokesman told the Daily Mirror: "The new flash crossing cost a total of £21,640 which was funded by grant money from the government's Growth Deal.

"That cost is £25 more per metre squared than the normal anti-skid surfacing required at such a site and used at other locations around the city.

"But it has the advantage that it takes less time to install, costs less to maintain and can be removed more easily if needed in the future.

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