Betty Go-Slow is the ‘sexy mannequin’ designed to slow down traffic

Betty the mannequin which is being used to stop speeding in a Gloucestershire village. See SWNS story SWDUMMY; Road safety campaigner Betty stands at the side of the road 24/7 in a bid to persuade drivers to stop speeding through a village on the Gloucestershire borders. Whatever the weather she waits on a bend to urge motorists to slow down and stick to the 30mph speed limit as they pass through Aston Ingham near Newent. But well-dressed Betty doesn’t mind being outside around the clock because she is in fact a dummy standing guard on the B4221 between Kilcot and Lea.

Though there are lots of law-abiding drivers around, there are still plenty who ignore speed limits – sometimes at the cost of safety. For one resident of Aston Ingham, Herefordshire, speeding has become such an issue that she's taken the problem into her own hands.

Julia Askew, 59, has created her own speed limit sign, but instead of simply painting a number on a circle, she's made use of a full-sized shop mannequin to catch drivers' attention.

The doll, who Askew has named 'Betty Go-Slow' stands on the verge of a country road, next to a sign reminding motorists "Please stick to 30". Ms Askew doesn't just leave Betty there, though, and she regularly changes the mannequin's clothes.

"At first I just put up the sign," she told The Telegraph, "but then I thought it would be nice to have a bit of fun with it. Initially I dressed her in a high-vis police jacket and I think that worked for a lot of people.

"But it is possible that these latest outfits get the most attention. Where I live is the first bend after the 30mph sign, so people come around here really fast."

Not everyone is such a fan of Betty Go-Slow, however. Local resident Ian Hodge said: "I drive past most days and she always has a different outfit on.

"Her heart is in the right place but you'd have thought if the average bloke sees a sexy woman by the road it might be a bit distracting."

Ms Askew has now joined the local parish council, and is lobbying for an official speed check sign, which would allow Betty to retire.

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