This sculpture is too explicit for the Louvre

If you were wondering if anything was too sexually explicit for the Louvre, a museum that features plenty of art with nudity, it turns out this sculpture crosses the line.

The sculpture titled the 'Domestikator' created by Atelier Van Lieshout was set to be included in the Fiac International art fair, but the Louvre pulled the plug.

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In a letter to publication La Monde, museum director Jean-Luc Martinez said quote: "Online commentaries point out this work has a brutal aspect, it risks being misunderstood by visitors to the gardens."

Oh, I think the problem is that it will be completely understood.

The founder of the collective, Joep van Lieshout disagrees and said quote: "There are no genitals. It's pretty innocent."

The museum director also said that the sculpture exhibit would be near a children's playground, and at 40 feet tall, would be hard to miss.

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