Tennessee man terrified by a pair of very grizzly uninvited passengers

You never want to open your car door to find an unwanted guest inside – but a Tennessee man found something rather scarier than the usual when he opened the door of his SUV.

Caught on camera, this footage shows the moment he opened the front door and two enormous bears crawled out.

The animals, which appeared to be mother and cub, could be seen rifling through rubbish inside the vehicle. As the man reached the car and opened the door, he ran away, while the bears prowled the area for the rest of the video. A scared-sounding woman voiced over the footage, telling the man to "close the door!"

The video is captioned "These bears just wanted to ride back to Florida with us, I'm sure."

It's unclear how the bears got into the vehicle, or indeed what they were looking for. However we suspect that the vehicle's seats were either too hard or too soft, and the bears went hunting for some that were just right.

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