Man tries to escape hotel bill by climbing telephone wire

A man in China had to be rescued from a 196ft-high telephone wire after he tried to get out of paying his hotel bill by crossing the cable to the next building.

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Footage of the bizarre incident in Panzhou, Guizhou showed the man hanging from the telecommunication cable as he tried to flee his hotel to avoid paying for his room.

He was filmed dangling from the height of around 19 floors high by stunned witnesses who shared the scene across social media.

According to China Daily, he ended up close to high-voltage power lines and was lucky he didn't come into contact with them.

Firefighters rescued the man and he was escorted away by police.

The Daily Mail reports that one of the firefighters said: "The man did not suffer any injuries, he is safe now."

It is not clear which hotel he was fleeing from or the cost of the bill.

The video received more than 7.4 million views on Chinese social site Weibo, with one amused user commenting: "He really thinks he is filming some action movies, right?"