UK weather: Month of rain in a day and 70mph gusts on the way

Windy And Wet Weather Arrives In The UK

October is set to be wet and windy as severe weather warnings have been issued for the start of the month.

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The Met Office says: "Low pressure is dominating our weather as we head into October and the UK will experience some heavy rain and strong to gale force winds. This unsettled weather is being influenced by what's left of tropical systems Lee and Maria in the Atlantic.

"Wet and windy weather will set in from Saturday evening with some heavy bursts of rain and gales in areas open to the wind. Indeed some severe gales are expected in western and north-eastern Scotland. The rain will clear from the west through Sunday with strong winds and blustery showers following."

A Yellow weather warning for wind was issued for Scotland, parts of northern England and parts of Northern Ireland for Monday.

Met Office forecaster Sophie Yeomans told the Daily Mail: "Remnants of Hurricanes Lee and Maria are increasing rain amounts until Monday from a low pressure system.

"Up to 80mm could fall and lead to localised flooding.

"Monday will be windy for all parts with the chance of gusts as high as 70mph locally and the risk of wind impacts to travel."

The average rainfall for the month of October is 71mm.

Weather sayings: True or false?
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Weather sayings: True or false?
Seeing a ring or arc around the moon is often a good indication that the weather is changing. The Weather Channel says that due to the structure and angle of an approaching warm front a hazy layer of cloud can sometimes be seen high in the sky before the rain arrives.

Seeing a red sky at night means that an area of high pressure is moving in from the west so there will be a good chance of dry and fine weather the next day. According to The Weather Channel, red sky in the morning means that the high pressure has already passed and wet and windy weather is on its way!

True! A red sky in the morning means the high pressure system has already moved east meaning the good weather has passed and wet and windy low pressure system is heading our way.
Weather records began in 1861 and since then there has been no mention of 40 dry or 40 days of rain after St Swithin's day on 15 July, says The Weather Channel.
The Pennsylvania groundhog (Punxsutawney Phil) gives a weather prediction each year on February 5 and according to tradition, if he sees his shadow and retuns to his hole then there will be another six weeks of winter. But The Weather Channel says Phil's predictions have only been right 39 per cent of the time. 
Scientists have proved that there is a link between cows' behaviour and the weather. Researchers found that cows stand when the weather is warmer and are more likely to lie on the ground when it's cooler - such as just before it rains! 
Swallows fly at the same height as the insects they are trying to catch and eat. When the weather is warmer, the insects are propelled higher by the rising hot air - therefore the swallows have to fly higher when the weather is warmer! 
Late night rain and early morning rain are often an indication of a front passing by and this happens as often during the day as it does as night, which means rain in the morning doesn't mean it won't rain at night. 
Seagulls tend to sleep on water but when it's windy and the water becomes choppy they will move inland and huddle on the beach. 
This old proverb is thought to be a warning not to take off your clout (winter clothes) until the may blossom (better known as Hawthorn) is out because it heralds warm weather. Until you see it in full bloom there's always a chance the cold weather will return in the spring months, which happens quite frequently in the UK.

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