Venomous snake hidden in pile of sticks - can you see it?

spot the snake
spot the snake

One of the world's most venomous snakes was spotted hiding in a bush in Brisbane, Australia by professional snake catchers - but can you see it lurking among the sticks?

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The eastern brown snake's sneaky hiding place left social media users scratching their heads after the Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers shared the photo on Facebook and wrote: "Spot the Eastern Brown Snake"

One Facebook user said: "I can't find it".

Another wrote: "I couldn't see it and put on big screen too."

After revealing the reptile's location, Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers said: "They try to keep to themselves, only ever coincidence if we come across them. Even browns will flee first, and failing that, act all mean and scary before actually biting. Their "attack" is really more a defensive display designed to scare and warn off would-be predators, and it sure works!"