Chance to look to future after 'disappointing' election, May tells supporters


Theresa May has told Tory supporters that this week's party conference is a chance for the Conservatives to look to the future after a "disappointing" general election.

As the party faithful converge on Manchester for the gathering, the Prime Minister insisted Labour was "unfit to govern", as she pledged to listen to the concerns of young voters after the Tories lost their Commons majority in the snap June poll.

Mrs May said: "As Conservatives, we have a vision of a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few - precisely the direction I set when I became Prime Minister last year.

Theresa May
Theresa May

"I understand the concerns raised, particularly by young people, during what was a disappointing election for my party.

"So my determination to act on those concerns, and crucially, to fulfil the promise of my first speech on the steps of Downing Street, is greater than ever.

"So, this week we'll be setting out our road to a better future for you and your family.

Theresa May
Theresa May

"Yes, we have to get the best Brexit deal - but we must also take action here at home to make this a fairer place to live for ordinary working people.

"The social contract in our country is that the next generation should always have it better than the last. Conservatives have a plan to make that a reality."

With most polls putting the Tories and Labour in a photo finish, Mrs May said a vote for Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister was too risky.

Theresa May v Jeremy Corbyn: approval rating
Theresa May v Jeremy Corbyn: approval rating

She said: "And for people considering the alternative, we have a clear message too.

"The Labour Party is simply not fit to govern - and have already gone back on their promises about things like student debt.

"They don't have the balanced economic approach our country needs and we know from last time where that leads.

"Costs rack up and working people - the very people who can least afford it - pay the price with higher taxes and fewer jobs."