Carrot-coloured McLaren proves irresistible for hungry donkey

A Donkey makes it's way down the High Street in Beaulieu Village in the New Forest, which was recently voted one of the best places in the UK to live

Traditionally, donkeys don't have much of an appetite for carbon fibre. However, one hungry mule in Germany named Vitus has discovered a hitherto-unknown taste for the expensive material, after chomping a few bites from the spoiler of a near-£200,000 McLaren 650S Spider.

Markus Zahn left his shiny supercar in a car park next to Vitus' paddock in Hesse state, Germany. When he returned, the businessman found the donkey nibbling at the car's carbon fibre rear wing.

Zahn told German newspaper Bild: "I looked in the rear-view mirror and suddenly saw a pair of fluffy ears. And then I heard a strange sound.

"The sound came from a donkey, who was gnawing at my fender."

The total damage Vitus caused was estimated at £30,000, though the donkey's owner refused to pay out. Police ordered the him to pay €5,800 (£5,000) to Zahn in compensation after insurance refused to pay, telling Zahn he should have found a better parking space.

Zahn says he does not blame Vitus the donkey personally. "The donkey probably thought the car was a carrot on wheels. I'm not mad at him," he said.

He also told BBC's Radio 4 that the animal was a serial offender, having already bitten the bonnet emblem and number plate from a Mercedes the year before. Cleary, Vitus is an ass with discerning taste.

Zahn said he would think twice before parking next to an animal enclosure in future.

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