What kind of car is Theresa May?

For some public figures, it's easy to say what kind of car they are. John Prescott is clearly a Jaguar – or perhaps two. Donald Trump, a gold-lined Cadillac limousine of the kind he designed himself back in the 1980s. But what car do Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn put the British public in mind of?

A study conducted by BritainThinks has given us the answer. In two surveys of around 4,000 people in total, the organisation has revealed what the UK population thinks of its main party leaders. And Corbyn and May might not be totally happy about it.

When asked about Jeremy Corbyn, voters said he was like Marmite – you love him or hate him. Perhaps that's why he's been compared to a Toyota Prius, a famously divisive car. Voters said Mr Corbyn was "kind of ugly-looking" but "does good for the world."

That's in reference to the Toyota's oddball looks – which have become crazier and crazier over the car's four generations – and hybrid powertrain. The Prius is the car that brought fuel-saving hybrid technology into the mainstream market.

And what of Theresa May? Those polled said she was like eggnog – "You're offered it and you have to accept it – but you'd probably rather tip it into a plant pot" – and said she looked "tired and not particularly effective, like a rabbit caught in the headlights." Mrs May is likely to be less than thrilled with the choice of car though, as the British public compared her to a Reliant Robin.

"The fascination is that it doesn't tip over – it keeps going against the odds," said those who responded to the poll.

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