UberEats courier shouts abuse in shocking road rage attack on cab driver

An UberEats courier has been caught on camera unleashing a tirade of abuse at a taxi driver.

Metin Ozman was driving a passenger on Fournier Street in London when the incident happened at the junction with Brick Lane.

The video clearly shows that Ozman has the right of way as he passes the junction. However, the UberEats cyclist blindly cycles in front of the cab.

Ozman, 27, is forced to slam on the brakes as he narrowly avoids being hit by the courier.

The biker begins shouting obscenities at Ozman, accusing him of not giving way, despite the cyclist being in the wrong.

Ozman remains remarkably calm and can be heard stating he has a passenger on board. At one point the courier can even be heard threatening to kill Ozman.

Despite this, the UberEats cyclist continues to shout and swear until Ozman pulls over to allow his passenger out.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ozman said: "I've been on the road for so long but this is a different level. I was driving down where the two roads meet and there's a give way sign.

"He comes across me so I tooted at him because if I hit him it won't be nice. He cuts in front of the taxi - then the video speaks for itself."

Uber has said it is looking into the incident.

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